The Rekai Centres

Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to enrich the lives of our residents by transforming the model of long term care and ensuring they are part of the pulse of the downtown community.


To champion living for our residents.



We will celebrate, nurture and preserve cultural differences and identities of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. We will respect each individual for their right to maintain their uniqueness, dignity and self-esteem.


In a culture of learning and change, we will continually strive to surpoass intended goals in resident care and education.


We will be a part of an integrated health care system that respects the feelings, opinions, and ideas of our residents, families, employees, and stakeholders in the design and delivery of care and service.

Strategic Priorities

Resident Centredness

Strategic Goals:

  • To create and implement a neighbourhood model of long-term care that nurtures the residents and their families.
  • To build on our roots to celebrate, nurture and preserve the diversity of our residents and families.
  • To transform The Rekai Centres' culture with a strong focus on resident centredness,balanced with quality, clinical interventions.
  • To select, educate and empower employees and enable them to respond to the individual needs of residents and their families.

We will know we will be successful when:

  • We have moved the bar higher in LTC in offering an enriched life for our engaged residents, families, staff and community.
  • We are a model for our highly-regarded resident-centred care in LTC.

Community Integration

Strategic Goals:

  • To instill a culture of involvement and volunteerism in order to build bridges between the residents and the community.
  • To partner with cultural organizations in the community to build programs and services that reflect the diverse population of our centres.
  • To enable residents and families to easily navigate the community and healthcare systems.

We will know we will be successful when:

  • We are a community partner that engages the whole system in the life of our residents and families.
  • We have a strong and growing network of partners working together that not only integrate with our local community, but focuses on the broader LHIN community towards the aim of integrated care.

Excellence in Care and Education

Strategic Goals:

  • To apply evidence-based decisions as it relates to resident-centred care.
  • To ensure excellence through the integration of care, research and education.
  • To track, measure, evaluate and communicate to key stakeholders as it pertains to care, service and programs.

We will know we will be successful when:

  • We consistently attract, educate and retain the most qualified leaders, staff, Board members, volunteers and students.
  • We are leaders in best practices in LTC.

Operational and Fiscal Excellence

Strategic Goals:

  • To effectively invest and deploy the Corporation’s resources in a manner that supports its vision, mission and values.
  • To demonstrate leadership and accountability in the execution of the corporation’s strategic and operational activities.
  • To maintain the Corporation’s reputation of leadership in the LTC sector with our partners and stakeholders by committing to and applying continuous improvement practices.
  • To build and maintain a relationship and ensure synergy with the Rekai Charitable Foundation, and other funding partners.

We will know we will be successful when:

  • We have sound financial management that continues to maximize our resources and supports our strategic directions.

Contact Us

The Rekai Centres operates as two Long Term Care Homes in Downtown Toronto.

Sherbourne Place

345 Sherbourne St, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2S3

Phone: 416-964-1599

Fax: 416-964-3907

Wellesley Central Place

160 Wellesley St East, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1J2

Phone: 416-929-9385

Fax: 416-929-0807