The Rekai Centres

Board of Directors

Board of Directors & Board Committees

Board of Directors

Peter Rekai (Chair): LLB. Mr.Rekai is the son of the co-founder of the Rekai Centres, and is a specialist in the field of Immigration Law.

Gordon Davies (Vice Chair): STD. Mr. Davies is a Director, Languages, Arts and Science, School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto.

Geoff Mills (Treasurer): B.Comm, CA. Mr. Mills is the Controller of the Ontario Medical Association.

Martha Coles (Secretary): MBA, MHSc. Ms Coles has experience in both the healthcare (specifically long term care) and the construction management sectors.

Hugh Innes (Director): BA. Mr. Innes is a Director of an Investment Management firm.

Michele D. McCarthy (Director): LLB/LLM. Ms. McCarthy is a practising lawyer with significant expertise in acquisitions in the financial services industry.

Elie Newman (Director): B. Arch. Mr. Newman is a Principal with an Architectural company.

Leslie Sorensen (Director): MHSc. Ms. Sorensen is the Managing Director of Palliative Care and Strategic Initiatives of a leading provider of home health care services.

Cindy Bowden (Director): HBA, CLU, CH.F.C. Ms. Bowden is the owner and principal of an employee benefits and insurance consulting firm.

Janet Dalicandro (Director): ICD.D is the President and co-founder of a strategic consulting practice and has served on multiple financial services and healthcare boards and a private chemical formulator board.

Peter Rekai - Chairman of the Board

2018 Committees of the Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Mr. Peter Rekai (Chair)
  • Mr. Gordon Davies (Chair, Governance)
  • Mr. Geoff Mills (Chair, Finance)
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)

Governance Committee

  • Mr. Gordon Davies (Chair)
  • Mr. Peter Rekai (ex-officio)
  • Ms. Cindy Bowden
  • Ms. Janet Dalicandro
  • Ms. Michele McCarthy
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Mr. Geoff Mills (Chair)
  • Ms. Cindy Bowden
  • Mr. Hugh Innes
  • Mr. Peter Rekai (ex-officio)
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)

Quality Improvement Committee

  • Mr. Peter Rekai (ex-officio)
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)
  • Executive Director of Sherbourne Place
  • Executive Director of Wellesley Central Place
  • Family Representative from Wellesley Central Place
  • Family Representative from Sherbourne Place

Project Management Committee

  • Mr. Elie Newman (Chair)
  • Mr. Peter Rekai (ex-officio))
  • Mr. Hugh Innes
  • Mr. Geoff Mills
  • Ms. Martha Coles
  • Ms. Michelle McCarthy
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)

Community Outreach and Partnership Committee

  • Ms. Leslie Sorensen (Chair)
  • Ms. Martha Coles
  • Ms. Janet Dalicandro
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO
  • Mr. Dwayne Wyrwas, Executive Director, Wellesley Central Place
  • Ms. Colette Cameron, Executive Director, Sherbourne Place
  • Ms. Barbara Michalik, Community Partnerships

Contact Us

The Rekai Centres operates as two Long Term Care Homes in Downtown Toronto.

Sherbourne Place

345 Sherbourne St, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2S3

Phone: 416-964-1599

Fax: 416-964-3907

Wellesley Central Place

160 Wellesley St East, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1J2

Phone: 416-929-9385

Fax: 416-929-0807