The Rekai Centres

Board of Directors

Board of Directors & Board Committees

Board of Directors

Peter Rekai (Chair): LLB. Mr.Rekai is the son of the co-founder of the Rekai Centres, and is a specialist in the field of Immigration Law.

Gordon Davies (Vice Chair): STD. Mr. Davies is a Director, Languages, Arts and Science, School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto.

Geoff Mills (Treasurer): B.Comm, CA. Mr. Mills is the Controller of the Ontario Medical Association.

Martha Coles (Secretary): MBA, MHSc. Ms Coles has experience in both the healthcare (specifically long term care) and the construction management sectors.

Hugh Innes (Director): BA. Mr. Innes is a Director of an Investment Management firm.

Michele D. McCarthy (Director): LLB/LLM. Ms. McCarthy is a practising lawyer with significant expertise in acquisitions in the financial services industry.

Elie Newman (Director): B. Arch. Mr. Newman is a Principal with an Architectural company.

Leslie Sorensen (Director): MHSc. Ms. Sorensen is the Managing Director of Palliative Care and Strategic Initiatives of a leading provider of home health care services.

Cindy Bowden (Director): HBA, CLU, CH.F.C. Ms. Bowden is the owner and principal of an employee benefits and insurance consulting firm.

Peter Rekai - Chairman of the Board

2017 Committees of the Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • Mr. Peter Rekai (Chair)
  • Mr. Gordon Davies (Chair Governance)
  • Mr. Geoff Mills (Chair, Finance)
  • Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)

Governance Committee

  • Mr. Gordon Davies (Chair)
  • Mr. Peter Rekai (ex-officio))
  • Ms. Michele McCarthy
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Mr. Geoff Mills (Chair)
  • Mr. Hugh Innes
  • Mr. Peter Rekai (ex-officio)
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)

Quality Improvement Committee

  • Mr. Peter Rekai (ex-officio)
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, ED of Wellesley Central Place & CEO
  • Ms. Colette Cameron, ED of Sherbourne Place
  • Family Representative from Wellesley Central Place
  • Family Representative from Sherbourne Place

Project Management Committee

  • Mr. Elie Newman (Chair)
  • Mr. Peter Rekai (ex-officio))
  • Ms. Hugh Innes
  • Mr. Geoff Mills
  • Ms. Martha Coles
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, CEO (non-voting)

Community Outreach and Partnership Committee

  • Ms. Leslie Sorensen
  • Ms. Martha Coles
  • Ms. Sue Graham-Nutter, ED of Wellesley Central Place & CEO
  • Ms. Colette Cameron, ED of Sherbourne Place

Contact Us

The Rekai Centres operates as two Long Term Care Homes in Downtown Toronto.

Sherbourne Place

345 Sherbourne St, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2S3

Phone: 416-964-1599

Fax: 416-964-3907

Wellesley Central Place

160 Wellesley St East, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1J2

Phone: 416-929-9385

Fax: 416-929-0807